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Memtest different results

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  • David (PassMark)
    Having two sticks fail is unusual. Can you post the details of the actual errors.
    Are you running everything at stock settings? (No overlcoking, no voltage level changes, no timing changes).

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  • matasaul
    started a topic Memtest different results

    Memtest different results


    A couple months ago, I ran Memtest on my custom build due to of BSODs. Tech support told me to run each RAM stick in slot 2, and there were no errors.
    After doing the test again today, the same test has failed but I'm also getting different results according to which RAM stick is in which slot. Can anyone explain why this could've happened and also if this is more indicative of faulty ram stick or ram slot

    Each RAM stick in slot 2 = Errors
    RAM stick 1 in slots 1,3,4 = No errors
    RAM stick 2 in slot 1 = Error