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Bootable Memtest86 USB not working - black screen

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  • Bootable Memtest86 USB not working - black screen

    I downloaded the latest free version of Memtest86 v8.1 and followed the instructions on this page to create a bootable USB drive in Windows ( I have an Asus Z87-A motherboard (Intel 1150), and when I go into the bios and try to boot from the USB drive, nothing happens and there is just a black screen, and I need to restart my computer. Also, there are several versions (3-4) of the same USB drive in the boot choices, even though there is only one USB drive plugged in. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to make the bootable USB work?

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    Many UEFI BIOS's have several different boot options. Settings like, "Legacy Boot", "CSM" or "Compatibility Support Module".
    You might need to change these setting to take the BIOS out of Legacy Boot mode.