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Random Memtest error

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  • Random Memtest error

    I recently built my PC. First the BSOD error came with some "heap" error and then I ran memtest64. Within 10 minutes I got single error so I swapped my RAM positions in same slots as before and then for hours I ran memtest64 no error came. Even stressing my PC with benchmarks so temperatures go high. Before using memtest64 both CPU and GPU were around ~68C. And HWinfo showed DIMM temperatures around ~40C. Even then memtest64 resulted fine for few hours.

    After playing some game and retesting with memtest64 another single error came within 10minutes. Error came at Test 6 with code: 8BEE5E1

    Then immediately I tested with HCI memtest and I got this error immediately within 10minutes:

    Now I reseated my RAMs and CPU cooler again. For more few hours memtest64 didn't gave me single error.

    I don't know how to make sense for such random results. Can anyone please highlight on the issue.

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    MemTest64 is not our software. You should contact the developer of MemTest64 if you require assistance.

    If you have issues with MemTest86, then let us know.