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Error on test 7 with Memtest86

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  • Error on test 7 with Memtest86

    Hello! Im in need of some help. I recently bought 2 more sticks of 8 gb games to go with the ones i already had. Both kits are corsair rgb vengeance model. I dunno if the new kit is faulty or just one of the sticks since it only failed on the very last test. It got a single error on Test 7 but i have no idea if its because of the ram or because of the CPU since it says CPU 6 may have caused it? I dunno if it could be the stick or perhaps maybe the CPU. The CPU is currently OC to 5ghz on a 8700k. The RAM is just using the XMP profile that its rated for. What could possible be the problem?

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    RAM errors normally mean there is a RAM fault.

    But as there was no error in the first 3 passes, there is a small chance it is a "Soft error"
    If you retest and find the same fault, then there is a real fault. Running the RAM more slowly might hide it.

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      i retested just test 7 where it got an error and this time i got no error? was it just a soft error after all? or should i make it through all the tests again?
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        Depends on how much time you have and how critical it is that the machine operates without fault. (I am guessing not very critical as no one would overclock if they wanted the most stable system possible).