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  • Help Memtest 86

    Memtest 86 has been running 45 hours continues to running all tests from 1 to 10

    get PASSES for each one then it starts all tests again

    I am Running windows 7 Professional
    Intel core 15 4670 3.40Ghz
    16gig memory 2 banks

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    Sounds like you may be using the older version of MemTest86? In MemTest86 V4.x, you can only select a single pass or let it do the default which will cycle continuously until you stop it manually.

    If you motherboard supports UEFI, it is recommended that you test with the latest release which defaults to 4 passes.


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      Thankyou for your reply
      My motherboard is asus V1 hero so that should be UEFI

      I used memtest 86 V7.5 pro which is I think the latest
      please advise me


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        Latest is V8.1. See,

        Back in V7 the MemTest86 solution was dual boot. So it was possible you were booting V4 (with a blue background). In V7 and V8 testing stops automatically after 4 passes. But the chances of finding an error after the first two is fairly low.

        If you have been running V4 for 45 hours without error the chances are pretty good the RAM is OK.


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          Sorry I was using Memtest 86 v&.1 This is what i got when
          Below I will give you the key sequence for selecting the test:

          1. First press C

          2. then 1

          3. then 3

          4. and finally select the test that you want to run

          5. press Enter

          6. and then 0 to get it running

          When I started the test it came up with testst 1 to 10

          1 - 9902 errors
          2 - 8323 "
          3 - 65535 "
          4 - 65535 "
          5 - " "
          6 - " "
          7 - " "
          8 - " "
          9 - " "
          10 -19155
          Does this mean it had errors

          Then as I say it ran for 49hours continuall doing all thests over and over again all had passes..but couldn't get exit to work so I had to turn the PC off Manually


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            9902 errors
            Does this mean it had errors

            1 error is bad. 10,000 errors is very bad.