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Unsure about menaing of Memtest results. Faulty Modules?

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  • Unsure about menaing of Memtest results. Faulty Modules?

    Hey I have been having an ongoing BSOD issue. with a lot of games, and several different error codes, however a few codes got me on the past thinking it was about my RAM, main one being Stopcode: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT
    So I ran a Memory diagnostic using windows and it gave me a error saying my PC has a memory problem. I ran a test using Memtest86 and I am pretty new to understanding computing issues. My pc build is brand new, I did it myself and it was my first build, so maybe i broke something regarding my ram but nothing looks visually wrong with the Modules or the DIMM's. My Mobo Dimm slots really sucked too. Kinda hard to seat them. Its a ASUS Prime Z270-A mobo. so I really don't know whats going on but these were the test results I got. As I mentioned though, these ram modules were brand new so its crazy to me to think they are faulty but that's what this test says I think. Any clarification on my results would be appreciated as I may still have time to return these Sticks. Should I replace? Should I rerun some tests with 1 stick? Test the DIMM's as well? Thank you or any attention this gets.
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    Looks like the RAM is bad

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