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Test freeze P8BM75 in multi-core

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  • Test freeze P8BM75 in multi-core

    Intel i3-3220
    ASUS P8B75-M
    4x4 GB G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 1600MHz CL9 DDR3 Gaming Memory PC3-12800


    I was running the platform with 8GB, and added ram up to 16GB.

    I've had a freeze and wanted to run memtest86 v5 tests.

    Running multi-core does a freeze on test 7 (after 3:30mn), unitary or sequential core (several teth of hours) does not.

    Looking at forums I did upgrade MB firmware to latest with no improvements.

    Any idea of what to test ?

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    I suspect you are using the old fork of MemTest86+ V5. This isn't our software & we don't support it. It hasn't been updated in years and is known to be buggy in Test 7,

    Try the original version at


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      thanks for the reply, can't make 8 version start in UEFI, so I am running 4.3 which allows only 2 out of 4 cores running.

      would it be sufficient to diagnose memory ?


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        According to ASUS the ASUS P8B75-M motherboard supports UEFI.
        This page might help with getting it booted.

        But yes, even the older releases still provide a reasonable RAM test on most systems.


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          yes, finally made it working, but even there it uses only two cores on 4, on the opposite of the fork that produces the issue.

          I did run the full test ?without error, does it mean that memory is not the issue (I guess so) and that the problem may be linked to the BIOS when handling the multi-core in heavy load ?


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            The i3-3220 is only a 2 core CPU.

            So if you system is still freezing in Windows, it is less likely it is the RAM (still not impossible, but less likely).
            Assuming the problem happens a lot, next steps might be to swap the video card, then try clean Windows install (after a disk backup)


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              Issue I have is with Linux...

              So what I did try:

              - put the new ram alone (so 8 GB) -> stable
              - put the old in the other slots -> stable
              - put 12 GB instead of 16 GB now testing stability