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I'm confused - BSOD and Test 10 errors on bit fade test

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  • I'm confused - BSOD and Test 10 errors on bit fade test

    So I've tried Googleing to find out whats wrong with my computer and a couple of forums. I've seen some where that test 10 is experimental test. I see else where that test 10 is a more sensitive test. I need to understand whats wrong with my computer and what I need to fix.

    A couple days ago out of no where my computer starts crashing. I did not install any software, hardware and it happen after computer was on for hours out of no where. I've checked for bad sectors on my hard drive, virus and other spyware. I've tried everything I could to make sure it wasn't something wrong with the bios, went back to a early restore before and even sadly re-installed windows. After every blue screen of death the computer restarts and cant find any version of windows and or hard drives I cant tell which. At this point I cant help but think its hardware, I think its the ram but I don't know. When I Google one of the blue screen code it suggest that it could be a ram problem. Some suggested to try memtest86

    First blue screen of death message
    *** STOP: 0x000007A (0x0000000000000020, 0xFFFFFFFFC rest cut off
    Next blue screen of death after restore point and following guides to fix BSOD
    ***STOP: 0x00000074 (0x0000000000000003, 0xFFFFFA8009EFBB30, 0xFFFFFA8009EFBE10, 0xFFFFF800035D2470
    Collecting data for crash dump...
    Initializing disk for crash dump...
    Reinstall windows in which I get a new blue screen
    STOP: C0000135 The program can't start because %hs is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem .
    Windows repair fixed something, I no longer get blue screen just the computer completely freezes and then turns it self off.

    After 2 passes of not finding anything I try to run test 10 and at 35% BOOM I got bad ram error, It was going to fast for me to take a picture write down the error code but it looks like the same error has a blue screen death. I run the test again and again at 35% and I got a different error.
    Error Confidence Value
    Lowest Error Address 00000100000 - 1.MB
    Highest Error Address keeps climbing
    Bits in Error Mask 07fffffc
    Bits in error - total 25 min: 1 max:25 Avg: 12
    Max Contiguous Errors: 2
    Test 10 Errors (keeps changing but ends at) 32767

    I try to replace my ram and my computer still crashes I run MemTest86 again and trying test 10 and I the same errors at 41% I try moving my ram stick to a open slot (I'm only trying 1 stick at a time) and again at 41% same error

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    Lots of stuff going on there.

    I've seen some where that test 10 is experimental test.
    I'm not sure where you read that. It isn't experimental as far as we are concerned. It is possible it might have been in the past.

    For the stop messages.

    STOP: 0x000007A
    This bug check indicates that the requested page of kernel data from the paging file could not be read into memory. There are multiple causes for this error, bad disk, bad ram and others. If you had all the parameters you might get a bit of additional information. See,

    STOP: 0x00000074
    This indicates that there is an error in the Windows registry. Usually corruption. See,

    STOP: C0000135
    This occurs when a system executable tries to execute but can't because of a missing DLL that the executable needs. Would have been really helpful if Microsoft had indicated the name of the executable file and the missing DLL in the error message. But they didn't. There are lots of reports on the net about various buggy antivirus program (which load at startup as system files) provoking this error.

    Being such a general bunch of errors, I think it would be near impossible to say for sure that your RAM errors provoked all these other issues. Clearly getting RAM errors isn't a good thing however.

    You are using MemTest86 V4.1 right?
    You replaced the RAM with new RAM from a different manufacturer, right? But still get the errors?
    Is this a desktop or laptop? What are the specs?
    Did you check the temperature reading on the CPU?
    You should also consider other possibilities, e.g. bad CPU, bad motherboard.


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      When ever I got an error code I took a picture and tried to follow instructions that I found on Google. I would make a change and then the error would change. I was hoping to better understand test 10, when I let Memtest 86 run I saw it do test 1-9 and it didn't find anything. But it keeps finding problems on test 10 even with different ram so i wanted to understand test 10 better.
      Yes I used Memtest86 V4.1
      Yes I replaced the RAM with different RAM from a different Manufacture, I dont think its better. But I still got errors, When I ran the test the first time after 2 passes it I got a different message that look like Memtest86 and it said bad ram it look like a blue screen error message but it was moving to fast for me to capture. Now when I get the error message it will keep counting with no end in sight and I'm not able to do anything it just keeps going.
      Its a Desktop
      I don't think its the temperature, my bios read my cpu temperature and my utilities will give me warnings if there is anything wrong with my temperature. It normally runs around around 30c
      I don't know what it could be I was hoping to better understand what test ten tested it seems to be my only lead. And its going to be hard to fix my computer if I don't know what I need to replace.


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        Test 10 is designed specifically test to the memory refresh. Without refresh the contents of memory will be lost in a just a few seconds, unless the data is accessed. During normal testing memory is accessed frequently enough that no refresh is required. Test 10 writes the data and then does nothing for about a minute and then checks the data. If you are only getting errors with test 10 then there is no question that this is a problem with refresh. This is usually indicates a motherboard failure. This would also cause odd and frequent Windows crashes.


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          Thankscbrady I don't think I would have ever figured out what was wrong without help from people like you, David and Memtest86.

          I striped my computer to the bare bones and still crashes I think its the motherboard
          especially after what you told me. Lucky it still in warenty so I'm going to contact ASUS to get it replaced