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Memtest86 Test 10 freezing

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  • Memtest86 Test 10 freezing

    Hi all,
    I'm having some issues with pro 7.5 . I am getting a freeze on test 10 the second it starts. The PC is 2012/2013 using an early uefi bios (Lenovo ThinkStation D30). It has a Xeon and ecc memory

    However, if I go into 4.3.7 non uefi the test passes easily.

    Any thoughts? (Please check screenshots).

    Cheers Michael

    Edit: I should clarify in regards to the screenshot of 7.5 with a 15 minute timestamp that it had been running for 15 mins doing tests 1-9 up until it froze at the start of 10.
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    Same question was sent via EMail and already answered.


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      True. I posted this before I got an answer though. I would be interested to see if others have experienced this. I'm still trying to find a solution.


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        If anyone is following this - I found a version of 7.3 that is running the test. PC is using a C600 chipset.