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Welcome to the new official MemTest86 forum

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  • Welcome to the new official MemTest86 forum

    We are pleased to announce that as of 15/Feb/2013 we will be taking over the maintenance of the MemTest86 memory testing application.

    MemTest86 was originally developed by Chris Brady (aka BradyTech Inc) with a first release in 1994. However, some of the testing algorithms used have been under development since 1981 and have been previously implemented on Dec PDP-11, VAX-11/780 and Cray XMP architectures. Since then there has been more than a dozen new versions of MemTest being released. Support for 64bit, new CPU types, symmetrical multiprocessors and many other features have been added during this period. Also back in 2004 there was a fork of the project into MemTest86+, but this fork seems to have stalled over the recent year or so.

    Immediate changes we are implementing are,
    • Creation of this public forum. Up until now there was no community for the project.
    • Adding an option of faster FedEx shipping for international orders. Previously, slow airmail post without tracking was the only option for getting a pre-made CD. There is now also an option to pickup your order & avoid shipping costs.
    • Doing support for the product in this forum and via phone and via EMail for customers.
    • An option to purchase a pre-made bootable pre-made USB drive in addition to the CD (which Chris offered for some time)
    • A new web site, on our dedicated server, which should be up by the end of today. Which should mean faster downloads, depending on location.
    • The ability to do better testing on future releases as we have a wide range of hardware to test on.
    • Adding credit card payment options and purchase order in addition to Paypal for ordering CD/USB drives. It was Paypal only in the past.
    • A new logo
    • More active future development on new versions, with some type of UEFI version of the application being the immediate priority.

    Chris won't be disappearing entirely from the project. He will still be around in a reduced capacity for a while to come, especially during the handover. We'd also like to thank Chris for all the work on the project (largely without significant income) for the last 19 years.

    The current MemTest86 software remains free and open source (GPL). However we hope to earn some income to support future development by selling pre-made bootable USB drives, support services and using some of the MemTest86 algorithms in our other products, like BurnInTest.

    We look forward to seeing users in the forum and hearing about what you would like to see in future releases.

    David Wren
    PassMark Software