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Passed 100% but shows a few errors

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  • Passed 100% but shows a few errors

    Hello! Iím a newbie here. I ran MemTest86 last evening to test ram on my mobo. It ran 13 different tests and showed Passed 100% but then I noticed the lower left side of the display shows Errors 12.

    Does this mean the ram passed or not? Thanks!!

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    Can you send a screen shot / photo of what you saw?


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      Thanks David! I went ahead and ran the test again and everything passed so I ran a second pass which also passed. This was on two 8GB DDR3 sticks(dual channel). Then I ran the test on the other two 8GB DDR3 sticks and within a few seconds, there were lists of errors. So I found the culprit causing recent data corruption issues with my PC. This program is great!! Thanks!!