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Running USB Test - Can't get past "Testing multiprocessor support..."

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  • Running USB Test - Can't get past "Testing multiprocessor support..."

    I've recently been running into issues where my PC just completely "freezes" so I thought I'd test the RAM. Here are my specs:

    Amd fx-8350 cpu
    Msi 790 gaming mobo
    Msi GTX 970 gaming GPU
    16Gb G.skill Ripjaws X
    Rosewill quark 850W PSU
    SanDisk 240 SSD plus
    Seagate 2tb HD
    Lepa dual mount top radiator

    I used MemTest previously to check on some other RAM with this mobo, and I was able to run several tests successfully. However, when I try to run it now, I can't get past "testing multiprocessor support." Please let me know what you would like. I've previously tried and let it sit for over an hour.

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    No point waiting for an hour to start. If it doesn't start in a minute it isn't going to start.

    Make sure you are using the latest MemTest86 release and also check if firmware upgrades are available for your motherboard.

    See also this post


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      I re-downloaded the software today and re-installed on a new SanDisk 32GB USB drive I purchased last week.


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        Multiple CPU testing may not be available due to limited or non-functional implementations of Multiprocessor services provided by UEFI, especially for older firmware. This may cause a reduced number of processors available for testing, or even program freeze when attempting to run on other processors. If this is the case, run in single CPU mode or try updating to a new firmware build. There is a blacklist.cfg file that contains a list of baseboards that are known to have issues running MemTest86. Adding a baseboard to the list may allow MemTest86 to run, albeit with limited functionality. The following is a snipbit of the blacklist.cfg file:

        "Z97MX-Gaming 5",ALL,EXACT,RESTRICT_MP
        "Z170MX-Gaming 5",ALL,EXACT,RESTRICT_MP

        Each blacklisted baseboard is stored on a separate line with the following format:
        [baseboard],[BIOS version],[exact|partial match],[restriction flags]


        [baseboard] is the case-sensitive baseboard string in double quotes

        [bios version] is the first BIOS version (string in double quotes) that no longer exhibits the issue. If no fix is available, specify ALL

        [exact|partial match] determines whether exact or partial matching is used on [baseboard string].

        [restriction flags] determines the restriction policy to impose if there is a match. This can be one of the following values:
        • RESTRICT_STARTUP - Display a warning message before MemTest86 boots
        • RESTRICT_MP - Do not perform the multiprocessor test during startup, and set the default CPU mode to SINGLE
        • DISABLE_MP - Completely disable multiprocessor support, restricting the CPU mode to SINGLE only