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CST Eureka Test Vs V7.4

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  • CST Eureka Test Vs V7.4

    Hello David,

    We observed that the 8GB - SD @ 2400 Modules failed in CST , Eureka - 2400 tester but they passed in Memtest V7.4 ( Test 0 - 13 ) on Asus Z270 - K motherboard.
    CST Eureka - 2400 - Tester Chip Identified by Eureka Windows 10 Installation (Single / Dual) Windows 10 - Passmark 8.1 (3 Hours) Memtest ( V7.4) Test ( 0 - 13) Asus Z270 - K, CPU - I5 @ 7400 BIOS Version
    March - A U1, U5 ok OK PASS 809
    Check board, MAT, Mat +, Mat ++ U11 ok Ok PASS 809
    March - B U9 ok Ok PASS 809
    March M, Hammer U11 ok Ok PASS 809
    March m, Hammer U9 ok Ok PASS 809

    Could you please let me know which test should i consider the correct one ?


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    Maybe the timings, refresh rates and voltages used were different between the ASUS motherboard and the hardware tester. So maybe the modules are in fact stable when used with that ASUS motherboard.

    Also were you using multithreaded mode in MemTest86? Some of the ASUS boards had UEFI BIOS bugs that forced single threaded testing. See,
    (Multi-thread mode provides a better test than single threaded)


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      The Multi thread mode is not enabled.


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        Multi-thread mode provides a better test (finds more errors faster), so turn it on if your motherboard BIOS supports it.