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Memtest86 won't utilized 6 Core 3.8 GHz Turbo Boost of i5 8400

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  • Memtest86 won't utilized 6 Core 3.8 GHz Turbo Boost of i5 8400

    Hey guys, I just bought a 4x4Gb Corsair kit and the package was opened. I am testing it to make sure it's okay, otherwise I will return it tomorrow.

    I just have two comments for you guys. Firstly, on the download page, Memtest v7.5, the USB download button for windows downloads a 4.3.7 version. I had to download the ISO version and use an ISO to USB program to be able to use v7.5

    More importantly, now that I'm using it, and it's default setting is Parallel CPU utilization. I have an i5 8400, and it says it's only running at 2.837 Ghz. I just think it's a lost opportunity. This CPU actually goes 3.8 GHz on all cores, provided it's cool enough, which it is (since it's only 65W and I'm using a 95W cooler [Noctua NH-L12]).

    Anything I'm doing wrong, how do I achieve those faster clocks?
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    The USB version contains both V4 and V7.
    V4 boots on old BIOS machines.
    V7 boots on newer UEFI machines.

    This page might help

    MemTest doesn't control your CPUs clock speed. It only reports on the current speed in use (which is set in BIOS and controlled by the CPU based on power management and temperature).