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memtest86 restart after 3 -4 seconds

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  • memtest86 restart after 3 -4 seconds


    i am getting a memory_management BSD while gaming (happend with a couple diff games) i read i should check my ram (i already ran a check on my viruses etc)

    as i am running memtest (with just 1 stick in the correct slot according the the manual) it just restarts within 3 - 4 seconds of the first pass first gets to about 16% and just restarts.

    there are no errors and i've tried the other ram sticks one at a time in there with the same results

    i've set the ram frequency to AUTO (was previously manually set to DDR4 3200 Mhz as that is its max speed)

    i should say this is a brand new system i built from the ground up.

    any ideas why this is happening? i'd like to scan my ram sticks if possible so i can determine why im getting this memory_management BSD

    Please help.

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    There are some motherboards with UEFI firmware bugs in multi-threading mode. So try single threaded in MemTest86.


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      thanks for the reply David, i had searched further last night and found that table with mine listed in it. All i did was update the bios and it worked fine.

      I wanted to come here and delete the Thread last night, but it wasnt posted yet as it needs admin aproval first.

      Sorry, and thank you again!