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UEFI Firmware can't start cpu

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  • UEFI Firmware can't start cpu

    Hey guys,

    I have been trying in the last couple of days to overclock my ram. I have now an (almost) stable setting. I am sorry if this has been asked before, but I haven't been able to find anything really helpful on the internet. Here goes:
    • I ran 6 full passes straight in memtest86 (I know it might not be a full stability test, but it is a good preliminary one to see if you have a chance for prime95). I got 0 memory errors, but I had 4 times the event of the title: "UEFI Firmware cannot start cpu 5" (ryzen 5 1600). Is this concerning or can I safely ignore it? Does it mean the system is unstable? Do I just need to throw more voltage to the cpu?

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    If you didn't see the error when the CPU/RAM was running at the normal clock speed, then it is a bad sign.
    If you see the error all the time, then maybe it is a BIOS firmware issues.


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      Thanks for the reply.To be honest, I haven't ran memtest @ 2666 at all, it is stock speed after all. I will do a full pass now though.
      What exactly would you mean by a "bad sign" if I don't see the event at stock speed? And if I see it again, is it safe to ignore it?


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        Bad sign = the system isn't stable.


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          Right, so I ran some further tests:

          -Ran 8 consecutive full passes @3200 with more cpu and ram voltage. 0 memory errors, same UEFI errors (couldn't start cpu 5, around 8-10 of them)

          -Ran 8 consecutive full passes @ stock 2666. Exactly the same results: 0 memory errors, same UEFI errors (couldn't start cpu 5, around 8-10 of them)

          -Ran 1 full pass @2666 only on core 5. No errors at all (I guess this was expected, the core was always on and didn't need to restart).

          -Ran 10 consecutive test-6 passes @3200 for a good IMC smackdown. No errors at all.

          I would think that these UEFI errors wouldn't cause file or OS corruption long term, hence I think I want to ignore them. What do you think?