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Display problems on Surface Book

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  • Display problems on Surface Book

    I did run the latest version V7.4 and it starts fine and shows the menu but as soon as the memory testing starts, the screen goes black.
    It does not matter if it starts automatically or if I click S in the options, I never see the actual scanning.
    I restarted the computer 3 times to see if I can get it to run properly but there are not many settings so I just let it run on a black screen.
    Apparently it did run because every so often I saw the light on the USB drive when it wrote the log.
    After many hours observing the light I concluded that the memory scanning must be complete so I restarted the computer.
    Now I have a log but I don't know what to do with it.

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    Could be a firmware bug when switching from graphics mode to console mode.

    Can you upload (eg. Dropbox) or e-mail us the log file.


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      I am having same issue - Acer Predator 17 G9-791 BIOS 1.11
      Logs emailed
      Last version that worked was 6.3


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        This problem has also been seen in LENOVO Laptops with 4K screens.
        They have a UEFI firmware bug that prevents the resolution being changed to 1024 x 768.

        To anyone else who has this problem please try this pre-release build with a work-around for the bug,