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Memtest86 recognized but won't boot on one device

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  • Memtest86 recognized but won't boot on one device

    Trying to use memtest86 to see if the reason why my computer is malfunctioning (shutting off randomly while gaming) is caused by the RAM is the motherboard indicated. Unfortunately, my computer won't boot up memtest86. In the UEFI it recognizes the USB that I put memtest on, and I put it as the first option, as well as disabling the normal Windows 10 OS drive. But when attempting to boot from the USB the computer indicates that it doesn't recognize a bootable system. Memtest86, on this flash drive, DID work on another computer, so it can't be the drive itself. any ideas of what is wrong?

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    How old is the machine? Are you sure it is UEFI BIOS?
    If you are using a USB3.0 port, can you try a USB2.0 port

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