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Gigabyte mobos, unlocked cpu

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  • Gigabyte mobos, unlocked cpu

    After getting the GB bios to use a flashdrive w/memtet86 I've gone 12 hrs and 8 passes w/o error for 4 sticks, 6GB total, of DDR2. Have to assume previous boot issues were due to selection of ram slots so if I get to 20 passes I'll trust the ram is good (ram is used).

    Next I'll unlock but not OC a Phenom II 550 to see if I get the extra cores. Where can I find a memtet86 manual? Can I config to test just the cpu? Obviously the test covers cache, and a wonky chip will kill memtest just as it would fail the OS. But can memtest86 tell me if other parts of the cpu are bad? I do not know what tests are found in 'configuration'.

    That's it.

    Thanks for any feedback,


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    Memtest86 User's Guide is a PDF file that is included with the Memtest86 download (in the Zip file).
    The file name of the PDF file is, MemTest86_User_Guide_UEFI.pdf

    MemTest86 wasn't really designed as a CPU test, but obviously the CPU has to work reasonably well for the machine to boot and run the RAM test.

    There is also BurnInTest for testing other components besides RAM.