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My PC is freezing completely, so to troubleshoot it I ran memtest.

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  • My PC is freezing completely, so to troubleshoot it I ran memtest.

    However that froze too. So I unplugged my SSD, and ran memtest again, except this time I got a different memtest.

    The first memtest I had looked like this: - This was with my SSD plugged in. It froze after 30-60mins twice. The same rate at which my PC would freeze.

    When I removed my SSD's, I got this memtest instead: - which did 4 passes in 10 hours overnight. The first pass took 1 hour mind you.

    Anyways I wanted to ask, why did I get two different memtests? Does the first one also test my SSD/storage? If so, does it freezing indicate a problem with my SSD?

  • David (PassMark)
    The installation package contains two versions of MemTest86,
    V4 of MemTest86 for old BIOS machines
    V7 of MemTest86 for newer UEFI machines (V7 can't run on old machines without UEFI).

    So I suspect you have made some BIOS changes when you removed the SSD. You should be able to run V7 with the SSD connected with the right BIOS settings. Neither version does any testing on the hard drives. So having the SSD connected should not effect anything, unless it has some electrical fault.

    Try testing 1 RAM stick at a time.

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