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BSOD and memtest.

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  • BSOD and memtest.

    Hi there I built a PC 8 months ago. I've been plagued with BSOD. Stuff like. Page fault in non pages area. Irql not less than equal. Watchdog violations. I reinstalled windows last week. Same issues. Graphic card has newest drivers. I've included my logs from memtest. Do you think these errors could cause these issues? I notice that the ram timings on memtest are 10-11-10-30 whereas under specs from my ram sticks they claim 9-10-9-27. Would this cause an issue? I assumed ram is plug and play. Thank you for your help. All errors are in test 6 but never in same spot. I'm restesting one stick at a time now. Thanks.

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    Originally posted by dgibbon View Post
    Do you think these errors could cause these issues?
    Yes I do. RAM looks to be bad.


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      Thank you very much for the help. I really appreciate it. I tested each stick in each slot but they won't error until I run them in dual channel. Voltage seems to be correct as well. You every hear of that before?


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        Yes, it happens. Access pattern and mapping of memory addresses to physical locations if different in dual channel. Also electrical load, heat generated and EMI environment are slightly different.

        Running with 2 sticks means you have twice the RAM, which means higher percentage of RAM gets tested. There is a fixed amount of RAM that can't get tested, which is allocated to firmware and memory mapped I/O, etc...