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5 errors in Test 6 through 46 passes

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  • 5 errors in Test 6 through 46 passes

    Just looking for some quick advice on this. I ran Memtest86 7.4 over the weekend at work. When I came back in this morning, I had 5 total failures through 46 passes:

    So two quick questions:
    1 - Would this indicate one of the sticks is actually bad?
    2 - Or is it more likely that I just need to relax the timings and/or increase the voltage?

    I currently have the RAM set to use the XMP profile, so its running at DDR4-3600 with 1.35V.


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    1) Yes, RAM errors indicate that at least one stick is bad (or at least intermittently or marginally bad)
    2) Yes, it is possible running the RAM at slower speeds or higher voltage might hide the error. It is impossible to give an accurate answer without actually trying it. But if the RAM was under warranty and doesn't run stable at advertised speeds, I wouldn't waste my time. I would just return it and get it replaced.