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After some advice re:Supermicro X10

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  • After some advice re:Supermicro X10


    I have a

    MB: Supermicro X10SRA
    BIOS: 2.0c (25th Sep 2017)
    CPU: Intel Xeon E5 2630 V3
    Mem: KVR24R17S8/8I (2 x 8GB)


    Booting with UEFI, loads memtest86 7.4 from a USB device.
    The default testing scheme fails after about 4 second once started (hard lock). I have selected a few different individual test and the same occurs for them as well.

    Disabled UEFI and the USB device loads memtest86 4.3.7. Runs the default test with out an issue.

    I assume 4.3.7 is still a reliable test for ECC DDR4 memory and passing this indicated there should be no issue with the memory.
    Therefore can I assume that there is a problem with supermicro's UEFI firware 2.0c for the X10SRA and how memtest86 is executing request?


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    It is probably it he known UEFI BIOS bug preventing multithreading.
    Try running single threaded.

    If you contact Supermicro, they might have a firmware patch available



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      Dropping to single CPU mode allowed UEFI to work. I did read that post, (perhaps not well enough) however since Memtest86 legacy 4.3.7 worked fine in Parallel, Round Robin and Sequential, but failed in Memtest86 UEFI 7.4 and this board was not mentioned in that post, I didn't realise it was an UEFI only multi-CPU issue. Thank you for pointing that out.

      BIOS is the latest version and I have had no response from Supermicro yet.