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Error: Test 6

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  • Error: Test 6

    I ran all tests for about an hour two different times both failing 2 test 6 passes, the picture was the first and the second one failed on different addresses. The odd thing, I went in and just ran test 6 by itself with no fails. What's the easiest way to narrow this down?

    MSI Z270 Gaming M7
    Corsair Vengeance RGB 2x8, DC 3200MHZ
    MSI 1080 ti Sea Hawk X
    Corsair AX860i PSU
    Corsair 240 XT SSD
    Corsair 980 XTi SSD

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    See this page,


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      This will be my 2nd replacement. I've ran more tests and figured out they only fail when ran in dual channel on xmp. What are the chances I replace it a third time, get the same problem and it not be the motherboards fault?


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        I have bounced back with that page since the first problem! After my third replacement if it happens again does that mean compatibility issues with that set on my motherboard? If the motherboard or cpu are the culprits, why only test 6? Why does it pass hours of prime95 and intel XTU? I have many questions that aren't on the troubleshooting page!


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          XMP runs memory at higher speeds. Dual channel change the access pattern (interleaving). So either or both of these things could provoke an error, which you might not see otherwise with different settings.

          Prime95 isn't a RAM test, neither it XTU, so it isn't all that surprising you don't see RAM errors with these tools. Plus they run in Windows which limits what RAM is available to test.

          The single screen shot you posted does look like a RAM error however.

          Yes, it could be a compatibility issue. Maybe check for new BIOS firmware. Sometimes a very slight bump in voltage levels can fix incompatibility issues.


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            Hey OP - did you ever end up fixing this? I have the same issue with the same test.

            Using G-SKILL 32GB DDR4-3600 RAM (4x8GB sticks).

            I have NOT tried upping voltage or changing timings.