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MacBook Pro Retina with Core i7 4870HQ and 16GB - hangs starting RowHammer

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  • MacBook Pro Retina with Core i7 4870HQ and 16GB - hangs starting RowHammer

    I have two basically identical MacBook Pro Retina (15-inch Mid-2014) systems with Core i7 4870HQ CPUs and 16GB RAM. The difference is that one of them locks up when version 7,4 starts RowHammer testing. Any advice while I prepare to check and possibly update EFI?

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    Does the working one display any row hammer errors or warnings?

    Sometimes memory corruption can occur in the memory that is used to hold the MemTest86 software itself, or the system firmware, or some other piece of hardware in the system that does memory mapped I/O. Leading to a crash.

    If it was easy to swap out I would suggest swapping the RAM between the two units and see if the problem follows the RAM.


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      Alas, the RAM in this system is soldered in... But I have a service contract...

      I kept trying, and eventually was able to complete a full test suite, the results of which were 3078 errors from test #10 and 126,976 errors from test #13 for a total of 130,054 errors. Do you think my memory might be bad? I'm beginning to think maybe my memory might be bad...


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        One error is bad. 130,000 is beyond bad.

        So check for UEFI BIOS updates. If that doesn't fit it, and you can't swap the RAM, send it back for repair. I assume it also isn't very stable in normal use.


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          I was being facetious...

          With that many memory errors I'm afraid to trust the firmware update process. I've arranged for service under my on-site enterprise warranty.