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  • MemTest86 Pricing Structure

    As a home user, I would like a version of MemTest86 that includes all tests (64-bit/SIMD tests missing in free version), but do not need the premium support and automation of the Pro version. As this is software that I would rarely use, I also cannot justify the $39 cost, and therefore would not buy that.

    However, I would be very interested (and would purchase) an appropriately priced Home version that would simply allow me to run all tests. I'm thinking $10-15 would be fair for such a product.

    Thanks for your consideration!

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    Most people who purchase software expect a certain level of technical support, bug fixes and ongoing upgrades. And they aren't going to get it for $10. Which would just leave people upset.

    We'd rather change a bit more and provide a reasonable level of service. Unfortunately it is often the inexperienced home user that needs more support than the IT professional.

    There are also the free open source options for people on a tight budget.


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      Unfortunately, there really isn't a comparable open source version of what your MemTest86 provides. The closest is MemTest86+, but that is ridiculously outdated and doesn't provide proper support for newer hardware, nor for the newer testing like the hammer test.

      I'd love to support your development and have access to all the memory tests. I really do feel you are missing out on a key demographic by not providing a home version for the typical computer hobbyist. My pricing suggestion was just that, a suggestion. However, I do feel you could offer a version somewhere in between free and $39 that would meet the needs of the typical computer hobbyist.

      You are right that an inexperienced home user may need tech support, but for a computer hobbyist such as myself, it really isn't necessary. However, I understand your point about someone purchasing the software and expecting some level of support. So, I would suggest you find a price somewhere in the middle that would enable you to do that.


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        There is no way for us to determine who is a home user / hobbyist / business user / IT professional. So there is no real way to to have tiered pricing depending on the user.

        If we made the full featured release 75% cheaper, then everyone will purchase the cheaper option (of course). There would be no incentive to buy the identical but more expensive package. It would likely double the time we spend doing customer support (for what are mostly PC hardware faults) and half our income. The product would end up exactly like the open source MemTest86+ release has. No updates, no support for new hardware, but plenty of bugs.


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          Except that's not what I actually asked for in my post. I'm not asking for a full featured version, because many hobbyists such as myself don't need a lot of the additional features. I need a version that enables all 13 tests, but do NOT need or want any of the other features, including the config file automation and reports. The professional IT folks need that; I don't.

          This will be my last post on the subject, because it's becoming pretty clear at this point that your company has no intention of taking my suggestions seriously. I'll just keep my money and move along. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like getting some of my money (less than $39) is better than getting none of it. But, I admit that I don't run a business, and certainly won't claim to know the financial aspect better than the professionals.


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            your company has no intention of taking my suggestions seriously
            Correct. It isn't a realistic proposal.

            Answering your questions here already burnt the $2 profit we would have got from your sale. Just doesn't make sense to sell any software for $10 and also provide support and future upgrades (without ads, without an annual subscription and without bundling it with crapware).

            Capitalism should fix it anyway. If we are 4x overcharging, then someone will come along and release a competing product and massively undercut us.