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    I have been stressing for days over recent issues with my PC where it will just randomly freeze or blue screen, sometimes it takes minutes from startup and sometimes i can game for days before it happens. i Tested the hard drives and they passed so i reinstalled windows to try eliminate driver and software issues and only installed bare essentials. It is still freezing however the blue screening seems to have stopped. I thought i would test the ram next and got the following results. The computer froze at this point in the test. Does this mean i have a faulty stick of ram? Being that i have 24GB of Ram (6 x 4GB Sticks) and the error occurred at 19.8GB would that signify the error occurred on the 5th stick?

    Also to note, I changed the CPU to a 980x to test the CPU i bought, this was a while ago, when i changed back to the 975 my system only showed 16GB ram not the 24GB installed, and the computer ran like this for about 9 months without issue, since it started with the problems i have noticed it is now recognizing the full 24GB, at the time i could not solve this problem no matter what i tried. This may be relevant or may not

    System Specs

    Core i7 975x Extreme 3.33Ghz
    Asus Rampage 2 Extreme
    6 x 4GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 2400Mhz
    2 x Corsair 120GB Force LS in Raid 0 (for OS)
    ATI R9 390 8GB

    The CPU, RAM and MB are all watercooled so there are no overheating issues and are not currently overclocked

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    The screen shot is too small the see the details. If there were memory errors reported, then yes, there are likely memory errors.


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      This is a link to the image, for some reason it wont let me upload the image properly here


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        Yep, looks like bad RAM.


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          am i correct in assuming that because it stoped at 19.8gb that that faulty stick would be the 5th in sequence?


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            No, that would not be correct.
            Memory addresses are interleaved in a complex (and often secret) manner.


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              I though that might be the case i was just trying to avoid having to do process of elimination because it is painful removing and reinstalling the waterblock on the RAM, I appreciate your help and will see if this solves my problems