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Pc issues - Ram test results

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  • Pc issues - Ram test results

    Hi; i recently bought a new computer and it worked fine 2 days and now it starts freaking out on allot of things. The stuff it does is so random that my toughts are so unclear rightnow to be sure what's going on. I ran memtest86 and ended up with these results. Could some1 help me determine if this is ok or not? I See tons of errors but i also see pass:1 this confuses me a bit

    Could some1 confirm me whether or not i have faulty ram installed in my computer?

    edit added a tinypic url since the picture i uploaded seems to to show a rather small picture
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    Your screen shot it too small to see any details. But there seems to be some RAM errors.

    If there are RAM errors, then the most likely cause is bad RAM.


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      yes i noticed that. Its a full size picture i uploaded but it shows very small, thats why i edited with the tinypic url to see the full picture. In the meanwhile i seen the other post of the person asking quite the same question like i did, so i went on further investigation. tested each module on its own and yes sir, there is only 1 of the 4 modules generating errors.

      Thnx for the help and great program


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        All good then. Another case closed.