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Need help converting memory addresses

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  • Need help converting memory addresses

    I ran 20 rounds of all tests except the hammer test last night because I know that one of the sticks in my machine has some errors.
    I would have bought a new stick of ram but it would seem that prices have gone up 20 since I last purchased.

    I don't have any issues on Windows (used for games), I'm guessing the OS maps around bad blocks of memory but I do have crashes on Linux (used for work) and so I am looking to map around the bad areas of ram so that I can keep the extra that works until I can justify buying more.

    On to the problem!
    I am able to map around bad memory in Linux using the "memmap" kernel argument but I need to know where to put these mappings.
    After my tests, I was told the lowest error was at around 10G and the highest at 15G, this is a lot to chop out if I do that whole range.
    Is there a calculation I can do to find out the exact parts of memory that I need to skip from looking at the logs? I need to calculate the position in MB/GB from the address.

    Here's the log of my testing:

    Ideally I want to be cutting out as little memory as possible but for now, I've got the whole region 10G to 15G skipped to prevent crashing.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

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    Errors appear in the logs like this,
    [MEM ERROR - Data] Test: 7, CPU: 2, Address: 3C54E4270, Expected: 04000000, Actual: 04020000

    So you can go through the log and manually create the address ranges.


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      Hi David,

      Thanks for responding. I was looking for how to convert those memory addresses in my log to positions in MB but after some searching, it appears that I can just use the addresses so I'll give that a go ignoring blocks of 512MB.