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Disastrous software with GPT !

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  • Disastrous software with GPT !

    So far there has been three (3) cases on my helpdesk table, whére 'Mem Test86' has destroyed an USB stick and one USB HD !
    And I know many sticks and USB HD have been thrown to carbage.

    On a 32 GB stick there has been a GPT structure and then Mem Test86 has built a 49MB MBR partition in the beginning of the stick.
    After that there has been no way to read the data from the stick. Win 8 don't find the stick in File Explorer at all. In Disk manager you can see one large 'unattended' partition but Windows can not format or delete it.

    In Linux fdisk can see only this 49MB partition, nothing else. Fdisk tels that there is a GPT-structure, but can do nothing.
    In Linux you can ZAP the GPT structure. After that you can partition the stick with fdisk and format it with mkfs.msdos or mkfs.ext4.

    I have been working 40 years with computers. Last 15years of it in the IT helpdesk of a large university.

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    Nothing gets destroyed. You just need to wipe and reformat the drive.

    See the following post to reclaim the UFD after installing MemTest86