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Monitor will not display MemTest86 ('Input Not Supported')

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  • Monitor will not display MemTest86 ('Input Not Supported')

    Hi all,

    I attempted today to run MemTest86 for the first time. I created a bootable USB, loaded the boot menu through my UEFI, and (presumably) selected it via the boot menu. Unfortunately, once it seemed to load, my monitor (an Acer, model B246HL, with a DVI connection) simply displays 'Input Not Supported.' Because of this, I cannot see whether I'm actually running MemTest86, let alone its status or whether it finds any errors.

    Doing some searches for this message returned several results telling how to fix this error in general by booting into Windows Safe Mode and selecting a default resolution and refresh rate for the display; however, it loads into Windows just fine with the bootable USB unplugged, and only when attempting to boot into MemTest86 does the error occur.

    Any suggestions for fixing this so I can run the program and actually see what's going on? Thanks.

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    What are the specs for the rest of the system? (CPU and motherboard)

    Can you send us the log file.
    A log file (MemTest86.log) is automatically created and updated while MemTest86 7 is running. This file is saved in the 'EFI/BOOT' directory in the USB drive's first partition.


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      Hi David,

      My motherboard is an ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. H87M-PLUS (SOCKET 1150), and my CPU is an Intel Core i5 4670 @ 3.40GHz (Haswell 22nm Technology). There was no log file present on the drive, which I presume means the test did not actually begin to run. I shall attempt to boot from it again shortly (if I understand the documentation correctly, so long as I don't touch anything it should begin running automatically?) and shall update this post if a log file appears.

      Edit: So here's a bizarre twist. After several attempts at getting MemTest86 to run, and several boots with the 'Input Not Supported' message from my monitor where I suspected it was loading MemTest86 initially, only to have Windows boot and restore my monitor's functionality, as well as several more boot attempts with that message despite the drive not being present, arbitrarily one time I managed to both access the UEFI with the drive present and convince it to boot from it and show me the program running.

      Because of this highly-inconsistent behavior (or what seems like it, though I'm hardly an advanced-enough user to diagnose all potential changes that might affect it), I'm really not sure if this is a problem with the MemTest86 boot drive, with my monitor, with my computer, or with some combination thereof. As such, I'm not sure there's any purpose continuing to attempt diagnosis. I've at least managed to run the program for now; if you'd like, however, I can post the log file for future reference in case errors of this type do occur to other users in future.

      My apologies for the trouble, and thank you for your time.
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        convince it to boot from it and show me the program running.
        Glad you got it working.

        Yes, it sounds like that message is some other issue not related to MemTest86