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Memtest 86+ for serial console

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  • Memtest 86+ for serial console

    Does anyone have a workable precompiled bootable image for Memtest 86+ for use with a machine that has no video output and only a serial console? Unit in question is near identical to this one

    I have searched on google for over 30 minutes and i found a old post on this forum that had such a version hosted on passmark's site however the link is dead.

    I would compile my own but i don't have access to any linux or unix computers at the moment, nor am i very experienced at compiling.

    If anyone could help out, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Our software is MemTest86 (without '+') so if you are looking for support for MemTest86+, it is better to post on their forums directly.

    Both the latest MemTest86 v7 and the legacy MemTest86 v4 support serial console output. Both images can be downloaded here:


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      How would I get either MemTest86 v7 or v4 to boot into a serial console environment? I cannot get any version to boot up on my hardware.


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        Booting MemTest86 from removable media:

        If your system does not support UEFI, you cannot use MemTest86 v7; Only the legacy MemTest86 v4 can be used.

        Booting from a serial console: