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Memtest failed or not?

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  • David (PassMark)
    If you just have errors in test #13, then see this page.

    Errors in test #6 are more serious. If you are seeing errors in test 6 when you are running at stock speeds (for CPU & RAM) then the RAM is likely bad, or at least marginal.

    Your screen shots are too small to see any detail.

    But if you can adjust the clocking and timings to get it stable, then maybe it all is OK.

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  • ozelot.junior
    started a topic Memtest failed or not?

    Memtest failed or not?

    i have ssome issues with some used RAM i bought on the net. Itīs a 32Gb Kit from Corsair named CMU32X4M4C3400C16R. I was using a 4x4GB@2800 kit without any problems. After getting the new kit i had a BSOD Code 1E, SuperPI failed and some other issues occured. My machine is overclocked to 4,7 GHz. So i set it back to stock and ran the ram on the lowest frequency 2133 MHz. After starting Memtest it showed that one stick has some wrong SPD values and after a few tests some erros occured. But only on the hammer test. Afterwards i ran the kit on XMP @3333 MHz and showed some errors on test 6. Just for fun i used my OC-settings again reduced the cache-multiplier to Auto (x40) and ran another complete test over night. Annd guess what, no errors at all. So what is the cause for the errors. False/positive? I already started a RMA ticket at Corsair and i will see if they accept it, because iīm not the orginal owner of the kit.
    Many thanks in advance,

    Settings: VDIMM 1,35 V, VSA 1,125V, VTT 1,125 V
    OC i7 6700k@4,7@1,31V
    Mainboard EVGA Classified k