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  • Upgrade Recommendations

    Hi, I'm looking for upgrade recommendations based on my baseline:

    I'm looking to do work with audio production and drafting as well as basic usage/media. Anything to help maximize the capacity of this laptop. Questions welcome.

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    There are limited options for upgrading laptops.

    If you want significantly more power, consider getting a desktop machine.


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      I do recognize the limitations of a laptop, but I'd like to know what can be done to it per mentioned need. Anyone, input would be appreciated.


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        Will be hard for anyone to comment, as what is possible depends on the model of laptop.

        Some have RAM, CPU, GPU and SSDs that are all soldered and sealed within the unit.
        Others have soldered CPUs, but panels in the case that can be removed to get at the SSD and RAM.

        Others are physically upgradable but limited by what BIOS can support. Or limited by the cooling available, or limited by the space, or limited by the power supply.

        CPU is already high end (for a laptop). Your existing 32GB of RAM is heaps. I am betting you can't upgrade the video card and so that only really leaves the SSD.

        There are better SSDs available. But I am betting the machine isn't compatible with anything that is dramatically better (i.e. a M.2. NVME drive).

        So you are better off getting a desktop if you want seriously more power.