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Downgraded from GTX460 to GXT750Ti?!

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  • Downgraded from GTX460 to GXT750Ti?!


    2 days ago my GTX460 died, there were artifacts all over the screen before entering windows, and in windows the card was disabled automatically because of hardware problems. I thoroughly cleaned the card and nothing looked molten but still it didn't work so I decided to buy an upgrade. According to Cpubenchmark the GTX 460 had an average G3D mark of 2642 and the GTX 750Ti scored 3688. I also upgraded my ram from 4GB to 8GB.

    With my GTX460 I was able to multibox 5 Wotlk clients with 1 on ultra and 4 on low with 60 fps all the time except in dalaran. Now I can't even do a dungeon with 5 clients on low because when the fighting starts fps drops to 12 and lower making it unplayable.

    The loading screen with the snow effects and the dragon flying around usually was the heaviest part of a multibox session, the GTX460 would make sounds like it lifted off. The 750 is smoother now during log in and character select, but ingame it's horrible.

    I replaced the GTX 460 with the 750 and installed the latest drivers and now this. Could the gpu really be this weak?

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    The 750 should do at least as good as the 450. Maybe you could try stepping back a driver version.

    Might be some behavior specific to Wotlk (whatever Wotlk is).


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      Problem Solved! At first I thought, oh no, the standard answer, I already tried that but after 5 days I tried it again and now it worked!

      When I installed the card I downloaded the latest 361 drivers on which I experienced the very low fps(new record 1 fps). The first fix I tried was installing the drivers which came on the cd with the card version 349 or something I believe but that also didn't work. Then I suspected maybe because my old card had hardware problems the motherboard might also be damaged or the pci slot, or that the motherboard has pci2 and the card is pci3, or maybe the newly installed memory. So I tried a lot of things one by one; reverting the memory upgrade back from 8 gb to 4 gb, switching the gpu to slot 2 instead of pci slot 1, putting the nvidia settings on performance instead of quality, deleting the drivers for nvidia audio(? I suppose the hdmi slot of the video card), deleting nvidia experience, deleting physyx, deleting everything except the HD graphichs. I also installed process hacker 2 and gpu z to confirm that when the low fps started gpu usage was 100%. I thought maybe the 750 is better at playing one game than the 460, but because of its lower power usage(it doesn't need the 6 pin connectors) maybe it's bad at playing 5 games at the same time, or maybe the card is too good so it makes performing 5 games at once harder than a card with less detail. I got tired of rebooting on every driver uninstall so I can't say for sure which of the 3 things fixed it but after the last failed fps test and before the magic reboot I uninstalled Physyx and one more of the unnecessary? nvidia drivers which didn't prompt for reboots and I downloaded the 359 drivers. I didn't think the drivers would make a difference because I already tested the newest and the oldest drivers but now it's working on the one before latest drivers

      I almost bought a new pc and another gtx 460 Thanks a lot for your help!