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Passmark needs a newer version I think

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  • Passmark needs a newer version I think

    I downloaded the 30 day trial & ran it on my Windows 10 Pro x64 rig. However I know my video card should easily blow past the NVidia 980. I have an XFX Radeon R 9390 8GB GDDR5 card. The cpu test didn't seem to use all the cores & my card isn't designed to run at lower resolutions such as 1024x768 & such. It also didn't see or test my 4TB RAID 0 array. The AMD FX 8150 Bulldozer I'm running is not oc'ed yet as Windows 10 tends to use all the cores at the oc speed, all the time, hence even with liquid cooling, it can get a bit hot. This version of the test only goes to Windows 8.1 as well. I tried the link for the 1051 build but it gave an error about the file was moved. My RAM is 16GB Corsair Vengeance @ 1600mhz DDR3 & I've benched much higher on other benchmark tests out there. Kind of tough to compare when the software isn't up to date. Then we have the issue in Windows 10 Pro x64, where it runs so many apps, I don't know which to turn off but the ones in my task bar. Can someone possibly tell me what to turn off, as I'm new to Windows 10? I skipped 8 & loved 7. Only went to 10 to see how it worked in real time gaming with DX12. It is amazing gaming wise. Even if most of my games are DX11, a few DX10, & even fewer DX9. I can take the CPU to 4.6 stable for an extended period of time, but as I said, Windows 10 is a different animal altogether. I tried Pcpitstop but for some reason it won't load their test on any browser. My test results are uploaded but I really don't think the numbers are correct for my configuration. 2775.7 ? Seems weak to me.

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    We fully support Win10 in PerformanceTest V8.

    On average we are updating the software about once a month to support new CPUs, video cards and to fix bugs.

    PerformanceTest V9 is under development, but it won't fix your problems as the problems aren't in the software.

    The FX 8150 isn't a particular fast CPU. It is particular weak in single threaded performance where there are over 500 other CPUs models that are faster.

    You can select the number of processes to run (cores to test) and the disk to test from the Edit / Preferences window.

    What was the exact "File was moved" error and when did you see the error?