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4k 60FPS HDMI 2.0 Card Search

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  • 4k 60FPS HDMI 2.0 Card Search

    My Nvidia 650 TI just bit the dust... I also have a 4k monitor. it was rough not being able to 4k at 60fps...

    Are there any "affordable" graphic cards that have HDMI 2.0? I'd like something in the ~$200 ballpark.

    I can't seem to find any lists that allow me to limit my search to HDMI 2.0, or similar. Amazon doesn't really have good drill downs for tech. Newegg doesn't seem to have HDMI 2.0 as a searchable option...

    Any good place to search?

    I can find tons of good information on this site, and if I'm not able to get HDMI 2.0... I'll probably just go for a 750ti (since it's ~$120 and an upgrade to my 650ti). Or any number of the other cards that sit in the 4-5k benchmark for 100-200

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    We aren't collecting information about the HDMI standard supported.
    Maybe use the video card benchmark page to make a short list, then check the specs & review one card at a time.