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  • MAX TDP + Performance of CPU

    Does a CPU that uses more Electricity always mean better benchmark performance. I believe the past few generations of intels i7 processors have had a TDP of 45-47watt. I just noticed the 5700HQ has a TDP of 37 Watt. if CPUs are getting faster yet using less power why do desktop computers need a 550Watt PSU?

    How come CPUs are using less power and GPUs keep requiring more.

    Thank You

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    If you are talking about CPUs from the same generation, then yes, more electrical power usage generally equals more processing power.

    Each new generation either uses less electricity or provides more processing power (or sometimes a bit of both). It is a trade off. There are a range of solutions for different requirements.

    Most computers don't need a 550W CPU. The basic desktop machines from Dell & HP are more around 250W - 300W. Laptops are much lower again.

    GPU power usage the same. Each generation allows more processing power or less wattage. The demand for better 3D performance however means that you tend to see each generation arrive with significantly more power (rather than less wattage).


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      Thank You! Good to Know