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New here, just ordered new computer to replace this ANCIENT rig.

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  • New here, just ordered new computer to replace this ANCIENT rig.

    I'm currently on an AMD Athlon 64 x2 4200+ 2.2Ghz and just ordered an HP Elite 8100 Tower Desktop PC with Quad Core Intel Core i7-860 2.80Ghz (3.46Ghz Turbo), 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD, DVDRW, Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit from newegg. Now, I understand this is NOT a gaming rig (it's labeled as for business) but it was $300, not my money, and more or less a gift. I mentioned it on reddit on a gaming subreddit and everyone just went crazy saying I failed and wasted money, etc etc.

    Now, all I wanted to know there and I'll ask here much of a performance increase will I see? Everything I do it's always a cpu bottleneck. Have a sapphire radeon hd7750 1gig ddr5. This current rig has 5gigs of ram, all mismatched (and I think I read ram only runs on the lowest of the speeds ie weakest link.)

    The scores on this site for my current show ~1000 and the scores for the i7-860 are ~5000. So that shows me 5 times roughly as much as this athlon. If I had a job i'd sure as hell go dump a ton on a good rig but when my comp is so freaking old, and one came by at $300 it was snagged for me.

    Also was able to get a Dell E2414Hr Black 24" 5ms Widescreen LED which I later saw was one of the best monitors of 2014 for $100. Compared to my current monitor a niko 19" thats almost as old as my rig...with a max resolution of only 1280x1024. Really can't wait to see things as they are meant to. Too many websites, programs, games with squashed up ui's as it wasn't meant for 1280.

    So TLR, even though it's not the best cpu and somewhat much of a boost will I get out of it vs my current dinosaur? Hell, I thought it was dust on the heatsink and it turned out to be amber Thanks everyone, hope you guys are more helpful and nicer than reddit.

    PS: If it helps, I was inquiring there on wildstar, as I get like an average of 15fps (total stutter in towns, anything with multiple objects) and just wanted to know what I'd be looking at.

    EDIT: Ran the software and is the results on everything for my pc. 1380 for the cpu mark.
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    The i7-860 was a great CPU, back in 2009.

    Yes, it will be a step up.
    Could always stick a SSD in it and it would be quite a usable machine.


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      Thanks for the reply. Yea I figured down the road I could slowly replace parts to it. If I was to upgrade the cpu, how do I know what other's would fit in the socket? Looking at pictures it has a ton of room compared to my current one where I can't even fit a TINY dual slot GPU in it w/o it crashing into the cpu's heatsink =(. I planned on upgrading the ram since it's only 4gb (still be faster than the 5gb I have in now as the clock on those is so stupid low) and eventually a new gpu/ssd.


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        The socket is the LGA1156. But it is old and now redundant. So there will never be much of a CPU upgrade available.