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Surveillance server with open architecture

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  • Surveillance server with open architecture

    Any suggestions on where I can purchase a server for 32 plus IP camera surveillance system with open architecture utilizing (server 2012 ). I am finding many closed design systems which are good but my nature is always bent to have freedom to modify and adapt. I am not a geek but I have the drive to seek out the information to run my business. My IT guy is not interested in learning surveillance so its up to me. I want at least 25 per cent more capability than I need. Leaning towards rack mount and adding a raid 5 NAS system later on.

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    The load will depend on the resolution of the cameras, the video compression standards they are using and if they are on all the time or only triggered by movement for example.

    So work out the total expected bit rate then make sure your network & disk system can deliver that throughput.