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Sleeper settings in Windows

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  • Sleeper settings in Windows

    When I set a laptop to sleep in Windows it works fine unless it is in sleep state for several hours. At that point, it seems like it switches over to hibernate. I tried using the Sleeper program with S3 and checking the "sleep forever" setting, and with this, it stayed in sleep mode, instead of switching to hibernate. I am wondering if there is an equivalent setting in Windows, or maybe even a registry key that would accomplish the same thing. What is Sleeper doing different when it goes to sleep mode that Windows isn't doing?

    Thanks much

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    You can disable hibernation by typing the following in an elevated command prompt:
    powercfg -h off
    (There is nothing being reported back to you afterwards, don't worry about that)

    This will also remove the hiberfil.sys file (does not require a restart, usually this frees up space on C:\ equal to your amount of system memory) and remove the hibernation settings from the power options.

    I disable hibernation for all workstations usually.