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Broadwell performance - can't find

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  • Broadwell performance - can't find

    Looking to purchase new laptop with Intel Fifth Gen but having difficulty locating performance. Best I can get any Laptop manufacturer to tell me is that their boxes have Intel Broadwell Dual Core 5Y70, which doesn't seem to come up on any performance charts. I have read threads that say Fifth Gen is smaller and cooler, but not faster, and to stay with the Fourth Gen i7 or i5 for best performance. Anyone give me direction? Looking to spend $800 - $1,200.
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    You can find Intel M-5Y70 benchmarks here.

    The 5Y70 is a very low end CPU. It is the type of CPU you would find in a mobile phone, not a laptop.

    But it also uses very little power (4.5W) so any laptop based on this chip should be small, light and have good battery life.