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  • Intel or AMD

    Am i better going for a intel processor or a AMD processor with a budget around 1000

    Which processor should i go??

    by the way my computer will be use 99% of the time for gaming and that like.

    thx for any help that you are able to give me

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    If 1000 just for the CPU, or for the whole computer (including screen)?

    You can find a comprehensive list of the available CPUs and prices here.

    The Intel CPUs are a bit better at the moment. They are faster and use less power (and thus generate less heat, and need less cooling). But the AMD chips can be better value for money.

    For a high end gaming machine consider,
    Intel Core i7-4790
    Intel Core i7-4770
    Intel Core i7-3770

    For a mid range machine consider
    AMD FX-8350
    Intel Core i5-4690


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      1000 for the whole pc
      and thx for the suggestions i was thinking of the i7 4970k which is overclockable unlike the ones you suggested for high end. Is it worth the extra 40??


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        The 'K' series is only worth the money if you are going to do some serious overclocking. I didn't mention any of the 'K' series as I assumed your weren't a hard core PC enthusiast.


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          Its my first time building so do you think it is worth trying to even attempt over clocking??


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            It isn't hard. It depends more on if you have the extra money for the more expensive CPU & fans and the time to play around with it (testing for stability).

            I don't have a lot of spare time & prefer a slightly more reliable machine over a slightly faster machine. So I don't overclock much.