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  • CPU Benchmarks for Workstation

    Good morning,

    I often use you website in order to choose computers for users.

    Is the CPU Benchmark really adapted for computer which use essentially software like office, adobe reader etc ?
    For example, for the same price, i can buy a computer with a processor AMD-5300B or a computer with a processor Intel G3220. The result of the benchmark is really important (1761 Vs 3189). So i don't really understand. Are AMD processors so bad ?

    Sorry for my english.


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    Running Office or Adobe Reader isn't really a very CPU intensive task. So having a high end CPU isn't critical. I would suggest spending the money on a fast SSD, rather than a fast CPU.

    In terms of value for money, there are some good AMD CPUs.
    In terms of getting the best performance, regardless of the price, Intel is better at the moment.

    There are a huge number of CPUs on the market, and you can't really make the generalisation that all Intel CPUs are expensive, nor can you say that all AMD CPUs have poor performance.