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CPU Benchmark VS number of cores

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  • CPU Benchmark VS number of cores


    This is probably a stupid and naive question but I will risk it....

    When we compare 2 CPUs, say CPU_4 with 4 cores that has a score of 3.65 and CPU_6 with 6 cores that has a score of 8.52, is the number of cores taken into account in the score?

    In other words, roughly speaking, to compare what I can expect with these 2 CPUs, should I adjust the score by the number of cores:

    CPU_4 : score = 4 * 3.65
    CPU_6 : score = 6 * 8.52

    Or, 3.65 and 8.52 is already how much CPU_6 outperforms CPU_4 when all cores on both cpus are crunching full speed ?



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    Yes, except for the single threaded results all the CPU results use all available cores.

    More cores does mean a higher score, if all else is equal, but often the scaling isn't linear. So 4 cores aren't 4 times as good as a single core and 8 cores isn't twice as good as 4 cores. Plus there are different types of cores. e.g. Hyperthreading.

    The single threaded results (see link above) give a much better estimate of the single core performance.