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Help with COOLMAX PS-228 test results

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  • Help with COOLMAX PS-228 test results

    I have had two Seagate 2TB drives fail recently in my computer, one purchased in 2013 and one purchased in 2014) and I was worried that maybe the power supply is the cause. (I am writing this from the machine I have tested below which is still runing a Seagate 2TB drive bought in 2012.)

    I have never tested a power supply before, and I am wondering if my power supply is good or bad? Below are the results I got on all the different tests...the numbers stayed the same:

    Goal: 5.0 12 3.3 -12.0 +12.0 5VBS 0 - 500ms
    Actual: 5.0 11.6 3.2 11.8 11.6 4.8 480ms (Power Good)

    No audible alarms went off on any of the testing, no "LL" for Low Power appeared, nor did any "HH" for High Power appear. However, I did notice that on the SATA connectors only the 5 volt and 12 volt LED's lit up, not the 3.3v. I don't really know what that means. As, if SATA needs 3.3v to work, my hard drive is working. So, I don't know why the 3.3v LED didn't light up.

    I then tested a NEW Heavy Duty Power Supply I bought for another machine and put the differences in color.

    Goal: 5.0 12 3.3 -12.0 +12.0 5VBS 0 - 500ms
    Actual: 5.1 11.9 3.3-2 11.3 11.9 4.9 410ms (Power Good)

    I noticed that some of the voltages gittered by about .1 back and forth. For instance, the 3.3 sometimes flipped to 3.2 and back and forth WHILE I WAS WATCHING IT! The numbers I have shown are what appeared to be the most common and stable ones. I don't know it that is a common thing or not, but I would think one would want the supply to be as stable as possible...but maybe jumping .1 is not a problem? HOWEVER.....all 3 voltage LED's lit up when I tested the SATA connector, instead of only the 2 on the other power supply.

    Are both these power supplies good or is there something wrong with both of them???

    Thanks for your help!

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    if you purchased the Coolmax PS-228 PSU tester from us then you would have also been sent out a link to the PDF users guide for the tester. If you didn't get it, send us an E-mail with your order number and we can resent it to you.

    Variations of +- 0.1 volts are nothing to be concerned about.