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Uprgade or a new computer?

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  • Uprgade or a new computer?

    Hello, Ive had my pc since 2010 and im thinking of updating or buying a new computer.
    My price range is ~8-1400$
    Im using the computer for gaming (Cs, Wow and all the latest games) and i want to run it on the highest performance.
    I also want to start streaming (twitch)

    My pc;

    Im a rookie on computers, and dont understand that much, so I need help, and i dont know anything about overclocking, so thats not really an option for me i guess

    Hoping for good feedback, thanks!


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    You are best to ask this in a PC forum, not a software benchmark forum.


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      If I was to upgrade the order (for me) would be.
      Go from 4GB to 8GB+ of RAM.
      Go from whatever you have now to a SSD
      Upgrade the video card to something like a R9 280X.

      But if you waited 6 - 12 months, then there is better stuff coming. DDR4 RAM, standardised PCI SSDs, etc..
      If you really needed to upgrade now, maybe just do the video card and then buy a new machine later on that you can use the same card in.