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Passmark caused BSOD

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  • Passmark caused BSOD

    Just ran PerformanceTest 9 for the first time on my machine (Ryzen 2400GE, 16GB Corsair RAM MSI B450I gaming plus MB) and it was taking forever to let me start the tests, then it just BSODed while I was waiting. Windows tried to restart but it just froze on the boot screen, had to manually power down and restart, and all seems fine now.

    Anyone had that happen on a ryzen machine? It is about 6 months old and very stable, first BSOD on this machine...

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    It isn't a known problem.
    Very unlikely the cause is due to the CPU itself. We've run the software on many 1000s of Ryzen machines.

    More likely hardware failure or a device driver bug.
    Sometimes there are details in the BSOD which identify the bad driver.


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      Thanks, all I got was a "Windows has encountered an error and needs to restart", nothing else as far as I can remember, and there's not much in the event log, the most interesting is "The required buffer size is greater than the buffer size passed to the Collect function of the "C:\Windows\System32\perfts.dll" Extensible Counter DLL for the "LSM" service. The given buffer size was 10496 and the required size was 45736." This was around that time, and the only error around that time.

      So, maybe just a one-off, I do realise now that there were a few things running in the BG, like Folding@Home etc that were taxing the CPU etc.

      Hardware on this machine has been rock solid since I built it about 6 or 7 months ago.


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        Have a look at the Nirsoft BSOD viewer. See if it shows anything.


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          Thanks, that's a neat little viewer, but unfortunately my system had minidump settings set to off so there's nothing to view. Have turned it on now and if it happens again, I will have a look...