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Cross-Platform Rating - what is it?

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  • Cross-Platform Rating - what is it?


    it appears, that a new value has been introduced, named "Cross-Platform Rating".

    What does this value describe?
    Is there any more information about it?

    Thanks and greetings,

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    It is a new mark introduced in PerformanceTest V10 and the pending/upcoming releases of PerformanceTest Mobile iOS V2.x and PerformanceTest Mobile Android V3.x, that uses a compilation of four existing CPU tests to be used to evaluate performance across different platforms. Further info can be found on the CPU Test Description Page.

    The data will also be presented in a new chart that will be publishing soon once more benchmarks are received from our mobile benchmarking apps.


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      I was very interested in such information. Thanks for taking the time put and sharing it with us!


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        The Cross-Platform Mark is comprised of results from the Integer test, the Floating-point test, the String Sorting test and the Find Prime test. The code bases for these test are for the most part identical across platforms. Cross-Platform chart can now be found on our CPU Benchmark website,

        Initial observation is iOS devices preform really well in our Find Prime test, even besting some of more recent desktop/laptop CPUs in this single test.