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  • Scores not consistant

    First let me say that I LOVE Passmark's site and find the information here on cpu and gpu performance extremely helpful. I have always notice minor fluctuations in cpu passmark score but always assumed that was due to more cpu tests being done and some fluctuation in fab at intel as they generally ticked up a little. I have used the scores so much that I can usually ballpark a cpu score in my head. A couple days ago I noticed individual thread scores going from the high 1900's to over 5,000. Later they seemed to tick back. Now cpu scores seemed to have dropped dramatically! The actual number is not as important as the relative number but continuously changing the scale renders the information much less usefull. WHAT IS GOING ON?. I rehab machines and include cpu passmark scores on the information I store about machines. Some of the changes I see are:

    i7 3770 was 9,279 now 6,439 -31%
    e5 2689 was 13,457 now 9,458 -30%
    i5 4790 was 6,799 now 5,641 -18%
    G3900 was 3,173 now 2,645 -27%

    NONE of the scores are the same and I while a lot seem to be down in the "ball park" of 30% there is not really any consistency. WHAT GIVES

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